Concept Design

StarTech provides design and/or modeling services that incorporate our customer’s unique styling ideas from concept to final design and tooling approval.  This unique shape will help in establishing brand image or product differentiation.

Production Services

StarTech Services provides manufacturing engineering services in the full range of the product development cycle.  From the initial concept and process planning through production manufacturing

Finishing / Painting Services

StarTech Services goes a step further by providing not only the speed shapes, but also finishing services to our customers.  The finishing services we provide include; primer application, spray application with mid-coat, base-coat, and clear-coat, polish and finesse, and labeling.  With 27 years in the paint industry, we understand the quality requirements for demonstrations and show panels.  When you order a finished speed shape from StarTech, you receive a show quality car ready for your sales presentations.

Portable Displays

StarTech Services currently provides portable Point of Purchase displays which can be easily used for marketing presentations and easily transported from presentation to presentation by one person.  We have also developed a portable display case that holds 12 painted speed shapes.  This system can help sales people conveniently show the full spectrum of a color pallet in a custom presentation case.  Displays can be purchased with finished speed shapes or as “stand-alone” items.